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Movies With No Romance In Them: Pacific Rim

I love a good romantic movie. Ask me about how many times I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice, if you want to listen to me talk for like 7 uninterrupted minutes. But sometimes it feels like the film industry forgets that there are other forms of meaningful human experience OTHER THAN ROMANCE. So I get excited about non-romantic films sometimes.

You could argue this one with me and say that the two main characters of Pacific Rim, Raleigh Beckett and Mako Mori, are in fact in a romantic relationship. But you would be wrong, very very wrong.

Raleigh and Mako have a romantic friendship, which is a very different and very awesome thing that we need more of in movies. (Although I do think the film sets up a strong possibility of future romance between the characters.) In the triumphant ending scene of the movie, when Mako and Raleigh share a moment of relief and joy, they embrace and lean their foreheads against each other.  This is the moment where I started mentally chanting don’t kiss, don’t kiss, don’t kiss.

Pacific Rim Ending Scene

And they don’t!! Although they’re one of the strongest relationships in the movie, and have been explicitly shown to be, well, soul mates (“drift compatible” is a wonderful term), they do not kiss. No making out occurs whatsoever.

The only romantic references I can recall in the movie are: a) two of the side characters being married to each other (the Russians) which is a very minor point and b) one character referencing his dead wife. Other than those two small, non-intrusive instances, romance plays no role in the movie. This is made all the more awesome by the fact that it’s a movie all about the strength and importance of human relationships. The most important relationships in this relationship movie are:

  • Romantic friendship (Raleigh and Mak0)
  • Sibling relationship (Raleigh and Yancey)
  • Father and adopted daughter (Mako and Stacker Pentecost)
  • Father and son (Herc and Chuck)
  • A disputatious friendship (The two scientists that the fandom is obsessed with for some reason but I don’t even care enough about to look up their names. Newt??)

In conclusion, if you want a movie all about the awesome permutations, other than romance, of human relationships, that also has giant robots punching giant monsters in the face, I have good news for you my friend.