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How Do We Actually Learn Stuff from YouTube?

Well, I’ve spent the final semester of my master’s program doing research for my capstone project, and here it is!

How Does Digital Literacy Mediate Informal Learning on YouTube? I’m so glad you asked! You can watch the video above, and find some additional resources below.

  • If you want to read my full analysis, you can download the PDF here: Burlington_Capstone.
  • For resources on teaching digital literacy, visit
  • To learn more about the scholarly work on digital literacy, I particularly recommend these two excellent papers:
    • Bawden, D. (2008). Origins and Concepts of Digital Literacy. In Lankshear, C., and Knobel, M., (Eds.) Digital Literacies: concepts, policies and practices (pp. 16-32). New York, NY: Peter Lang Publishing.
    • Meyers, E. M., Erickson, I., & Small, R. V. (2013). Digital literacy and informal learning environments: an introduction. Learning, media and technology, 38(4), 355-367. doi: 10.1080/17439884.2013.783597