Movies With No Romance In Them: Big Hero 6

I love a good romantic movie. Ask me about how many times I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice, if you want to listen to me talk for like 7 uninterrupted minutes. But sometimes it feels like the film industry forgets that there are other forms of meaningful human experience OTHER THAN ROMANCE. So I get excited about non-romantic films sometimes.

big hero 6 promo imageBig Hero 6, in addition to being an adorable and touching animated super-hero action feature, is probably the least romantic movie I’ve ever seen. If an alien species were to get their hands on this movie as their sole¬†artifact of human culture, they wouldn’t even know romance existed, that’s how un-romantic it is. Which is awesome!

The main character is 14-year-old Hiro, who would usually be a prime candidate for a shoe-horned romantic sub-plot. But not only did they avoid that, none of the side characters were dating each other or had a crush on each other. Although family relationships and friendship are important themes, not one character’s motivation was based on romance.

The plot of the movie involves brilliant but unmotivated robotics genius Hiro, who finds unexpected kinship with a team of rag-tag misfit roboticists. Our team then has to overcome their differences and find faith in themselves in order to save the city. Awesome action and rollicking cartoon adventure then follows, and, I cannot emphasize this enough, at no point does anyone fall in love with anyone else.

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