Movies With No Romance in Them: Beetlejuice

I love a good romantic movie. Ask me about how many times I’ve watched Pride and Prejudice, if you want to listen to me talk for like 7 uninterrupted minutes. But sometimes it feels like the film industry forgets that there are other forms of meaningful human experience OTHER THAN ROMANCE. So I get excited about non-romantic films sometimes.

This is an interesting one, because the strongest relationship in the movie is a romantic one: that between the married couple Barbara¬†and Adam. But their romance isn’t the SUBJECT of the movie. Instead it’s portrayed as a simple obvious fact that they love and support each other and act as a team. Is it weird that I find this so refreshing to see in a Hollywood movie? I feel like we don’t get this a lot.

Aside from that background romance, there isn’t any hint of romance in the plot of the movie, which instead revolves around death, isolation, authenticity, and familial bonds. And watching an adorable waifish baby Winona Rider be a teeny¬†goth out of water.Lydia from Beetlejuice


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