Monthly Archives: April 2015

Things I Would Have Googled

On vacation in the UK, I had an experience I hadn’t had in several years..lack of cell phone service. I quickly discovered the major disadvantage was that I couldn’t immediately look things up. I noted down things I wanted to google (or look up in the OED). It’s amazing how annoying the lack of immediate access to the world’s collected knowledge becomes when you’re used to having it.

Yellow flowering bush northern England
Gorse bush?
Agriculture in the uk
Bottom feeder [OED]
Miracle on 34th St
Commercialism [OED]
Jack kirby
Elizabeth Fry
What the hell is Brown sauce
“Choose life, not knives”
US drug criminalization dates
Gaelic language family
Murder she wrote list of episodes
Yellow flowering agricultural crop England
Is material pronounced differently than materiel?
TARFU acronym
Potato salad origins
Edinburgh wiki climate
Isis mystery cults Hellenistic